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Inheritance Tracing Agency is a secured storage registry database aimed at ensuring that your efforts to secure your family and kids future don’t go to waste.


We provide services which ensure that your financial assets don’t go to waste due to the fact that your beneficiaries can not trace them. By registering your inheritable assets with our database, we provide you with an assurance that your life insurance company, bank or pension fund administrator’s name will always be located somewhere for your designated beneficiaries to find it when you are no more and in times of difficulties.

Inheritance Tracing Agency also traces unknown:

We also provide tracing services to:

Inheritance Safety

Although it is hard to believe, many people forget about money that is stored in bank accounts, pension funds, their life insurance covers and other saving instruments. Therefore, the demand to trace these customers, these monies or their heirs and beneficiaries (in cases when the original customer is deceased or even alive) has therefore grown exponentially.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Inheritance Tracing Agency is a Namibian Storage Registry Database Company aimed at ensuring that your efforts to secure your families’ futures don’t go to waste. This database is formed in response to the problem of unclaimed death benefits and other assets.

We provide space on our Storage Registry Database for you to secretly store information pertaining to your inheritable assets, so that your beneficiaries will locate them when you are no more there. Instead of confiding in people about your wealth, you can now store the information on our database for future use.

This provides you and your beneficiaries’ peace of mind, ensuring that your financial legacies are not lost due to simple human error, passage of time, re-locations, buyouts, natural disaster, or lack of communication. Your life insurance company, bank or pension fund administrator’s name will always be located somewhere for your designated beneficiaries to find it.

Inheritance Tracing Agency also traces unknown: Heirs, Trustees, Settlers, Protectors, Executors, Dormant account holders, Shareholders who have dissented or failed to claim dividends, Creditors of insolvent companies, Freeholders of land, Holders of life insurance policies, etc.

We provide such services to financial institutions, legal entities, estate administrators, and private individuals.

How much is the Membership Fee?

By only paying N$ 39.00 per month or N$ 468.00 per year, you secure yourself a space on our secured database registry system where you can store your information for your beneficiaries to easily find when you are no more there

Upon your death, family members may make free enquiries with our offices to find if you were our member. At this stage Inheritance Tracing Agency will not tell them anymore information but only confirm your membership. We will then require them to provide us with proof of death (death certificate). Your information will only be given to the person you trust that you have nominated when signing up. This person can be your lawyer /executors/trustees or any family member, in other words, information you entrusted with Inheritance Tracing Agency can not be given to anyone, but only to people you have nominated when you registered as a member.

We do not claim money on behalf of beneficiaries. They have to do that on their own and provide relevant documentations to those respective financial institutions as per their terms, conditions, policies and procedures.

Member information is further secured by the fact that Inheritance Tracing Agency does not ask for bank account numbers or insurance policy numbers bank balances or types of investments or policies. With only a name of the clients’ financial institution, a thief cannot penetrate these two institutions without proper identification. In other words, any information to be gained by breaching Inheritance Tracing Agency security measures would be useless for purposes of identity theft or other types of theft or fraud. When your beneficiaries approach these institutions they have to provide full identification documents. Members’ information is protected with physical and digital safeguards similar to those employed by banks to secure online banking transactions.

You can download the Application Form by visiting our Registration Form Page. Visit our office at: Continental Building, 2nd Floor, Office 14, Independence Avenue, Windhoek. Make any enquiries at: E-mail: info@inheritance.com.na